Mevalonic Acid: A New Path to Great Skin Part II

Mevalonic Acid: A New Path to Great Skin Part II

Published by Ameva Bio on Jun 13th 2022

Can Mevalonic Acid be Applied Topically?

Until recently, synthesizing Mevalonic Acid was extremely time consuming and costly. AMEVA’s patent-pending, plant-based, biotechnology allows AMEVA to biosynthesize Mevalonic Acid at a reasonable cost. Exclusive access to viable quantities of this multi-potent active ingredient enables AMEVA to offer two new topical formulas with potent levels of Mevalonic Acid: AMEVA Multi-potent Serum and AMEVA Skin-activating Moisturizer. These unique formulas, with levels of Mevalonic Acid that have been scientifically validated as ideal for multi-potent performance, are designed to optimize all visual and textural markers of skin health to help skin look and feel more youthful. To advance transparency, and reduce the risk of reactivity in sensitive skin, AMEVA products are created using a minimalist formulation philosophy that mandates as few ingredients as possible without sacrificing results.

Molecular size is a key consideration in selecting an active ingredient in any topical skincare product. Mevalonic Acid is ideal for topical application because the small molecular size of Mevalonic Acid molecule allows it to absorb across surface layers of the skin efficiently and effectively. In comparison to a Mevalonic Acid molecule synthesized using AMEVA’s breakthrough biotechnology, retinol is twice as big, squalene is four times larger, collagen is two hundred times larger and Hyaluronic acid is thousand times larger.

Feeling Good about Looking Great: Carbon Negative Mevalonic Acid Production

AMEVA’s exclusive biotechnology allows true carbon negative production of Mevalonic acid. AMEVA upcycles agricultural by-products, like saw dust and farm by-products for use as the basic raw materials that feeds biodesigned fermentation—the process which biosynthesizes AMEVA’s Mevalonic Acid molecules. But carbon negative production is just the beginning of the AMEVA environmental story. Because responsible environmental stewardship is a core value of the founders of AMEVA, the scientists and engineers on the AMEVA team continually evaluate every aspect in AMEVA’s supply, production and distribution chains to access environmental impact including resuable packaging made from recycled material. AMEVA products are also consciously created which means AMEVA is 100% committed to supporting transparency and traceability to enable verification of the environmental and ethical pedigree of ingredients at their source.

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