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Regenerative Skincare

We are pushing the limits of effective sustainable skincare through biotechnology

Carbon Negative Active Ingredients

Minimalist & Broad Benefit Formulations

Re-Usable Airless Packaging

Our 100% plant based formulas are always
Our packaging is

What is regenerative

Regenerative skincare is good for the skin and for the planet. AMEVA’s clinically proven formulas are truly carbon negative, 100% plant-based (vegan), cruelty free and free of all petrochemicals, preservatives and silicones. Because responsible environmental stewardship is a core value of the founders of AMEVA, its packaging is refillable, which eliminates 85% of potential plastic waste. Every aspect in AMEVA’s supply, production and distribution chains is continually reviewed to access environmental impact. AMEVA products are also consciously created which means AMEVA is 100% committed to supporting the transparency and traceability needed to verify the ethical pedigree of ingredients at their source.

Carbon Negative Ingredients Created Through Biotechnology

Formulas Created with Minimal Ingredients but Maximum Benefits

Reusable Packaging Made from Recycled Materials That is Fully Recyclable

our promise

  • Sustainable ingredients

    Our key ingredients are completely traceable and sourced through upcycling plant by-products.

  • Plant based

    All formulas are 100% plant-based, vegan, cruelty free and free of all petrochemicals, preservatives and silicones.

  • Minimalist formulas

    Our formulas are designed with only a limited number of key ingredients. We commit to not using more than 15 ingredients for highly visible results.

  • Efficacy

    Our products are created and made with innovative technologies to provide high performance.

  • Responsible packaging

    Our packaging is refillable, made with Post Consumer Resin (PCR) and completely recyclable. This eliminates 85% of potential waste.

  • Carbon neutrality

    In addition to the above efforts, we offset the footprint generated by the shipping of our products to ensure full carbon neutrality.

  • Diversity

    Our company is owned by people of multi ethnic background.