About Us

About Us

AMEVA’s 100% plant-based and carbon negative formulas offer skin-health focused consumers a chance to experience the exceptional renewing power of topical Mevalonic Acid. Developed by MIT engineering grad, Dr. Deepak Dugar, AMEVA harnesses the power of cellular biosystems fueled by Mevalonic Acid. Now the restorative benefits of this fundamental component of youthful skin’s cycle of repair and renewal can be delivered at an accessible price-point without compromising the health of the planet.

Our Technology

AMEVA’s regenerative Mevalonic Acid based formulas bathe the skin with an optimal concentration of this molecule which boosts the skin capacity to produce its own collagen, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors. Mevalonic Acid is a basic chemical building block that cells transform into CoQ10, squalene, retinol, vitamin K and lipids—all elements which are critical to skin repair and renewal. AMEVA’s topical Mevalonic Acid formulas have been clinically proven to help skin look and feel significantly healthier.

Our Products

AMEVA is launching with two products suitable for all ages, genders, skin types and skin tones that showcase the power of Mevalonic Acid formulas to enhance skin’s look and feel.

Skin Activating Moisturizer is a long-lasting hydrator designed to nourish skin’s barrier, adding softness, suppleness and smoothness to restore the even-toned appearance of healthy young skin.

Multipotent Serum is a concentrated formula targeting a broad spectrum of skin concerns that actively optimizes all visible and textural signs of skin health.

Our Commitment to the Planet

AMEVA’s clinically proven, minimalist formulas are truly carbon negative to help reverse climate change. AMEVA’s precision fermentation technology upcycles plant by-products into Mevalonic Acid while restoring soil health. All formulas are 100% plant-based, vegan, cruelty free and free of all petrochemicals, preservatives and silicones. Because responsible environmental stewardship is a core value of the founders of AMEVA, its packaging is refillable, which eliminates 85% of potential packaging waste. Every aspect in AMEVA’s supply, production and distribution chains is continually improved to reduce the environmental impact. AMEVA products are consciously created at our labs in small batches with fewer than 15 ingredients and AMEVA is 100% committed to supporting the transparency and traceability needed to verify freshness, potency and the ethical pedigree of each of those ingredients at their sources.

Our Inventors and Innovators

Dr. Deepak Dugar has been awarded five graduate degrees, including his PhD from MIT. Dr. Dugar has used his expertise in biochemistry and chemical engineering to pioneer environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. At AMEVA, Dr. Dugar leads a team that shares his passion for helping people live better while reversing climate change one gram of carbon at a time. Unilever alum Priscilla Taylor brings her understanding of the practical, scientific and esthetic challenges of skincare formulation to her role as head of research and development. Sustainable chemical industry veteran Paul Petersen adds his green-tech insights into the logistics of biotech manufacturing and operations. L’Oreal and Estée Lauder alum, and YUNI Beauty founder, Emmanuel Rey rounds out the team with his deep experience creating meaningful connections between personal care brands and consumers.