Is Biotech the Future of Natural Beauty? Part II

Is Biotech the Future of Natural Beauty? Part II

Published by Ameva Bio on Jun 27th 2022

What is the role of biotech in skin health and beauty products?

The end-goal of any skin care product is to help restore the skin to look and feel healthy. One of the most effective avenues for achieving this goal is to unlock the skin’s with natural ability with skin native molecules like hyaluronic acid, squalene, CoQ10 and collagen that enable the skin to repair itself—molecules that become less abundant as skin ages. Unlike costly, dirty, old tech that produced these molecules from animal-derived or petrochemical based raw materials, biotechnology allows us to biosynthesize bioidentical molecules, quickly and economically, from green-sourced, plant-based materials and by-products.

Biotech closes the natural beauty efficacy gap

Higher levels of premium priced “active ingredients” in conventionally sourced products have historically given them a significant performance advantage over natural, plant-based alternatives. Biotech has truly levelled the playing field by providing a cost-effective green source for powerful active ingredients. These biosynthesized actives may even be more effective and less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin because of their exceptional purity and bioidentical structure.

Biotech delivers a new class of active ingredients: multi-potent molecules

One of the most exciting skincare advances achieved through biotech is a patented technology that biosynthesizes Mevalonic Acid—a molecule that naturally occurs in healthy skin. Mevalonic Acid is a multi-potent foundational molecule that skin cells use both as a cellular metabolism regulator and as a building block in the production of CoQ10, skin lipids and vitamin K. Prior to the discovery of new breakthrough biotech that allows Mevalonic Acid to be synthesized, Mevalonic Acid could only be obtained through an extremely costly process making it essential unavailable.

Ameva offers bio made Mevalonic Acid in topical skincare

To bring the regenerative benefits of Mevalonic acid to consumers, Visolis, the laboratory that pioneered Mevalonic Acid synthesis, has partnered with Ameva to bring topical skincare. All Ameva products are consciously created to speak to the needs of the natural beauty consumer. These minimalist, vegan, plant-based formulas are designed with fewer ingredients to minimize the risk of irritating sensitive skin while providing maximal efficacy with potent ingredients. Ameva’s minimalist formulation philosophy also allows for better traceability to track the ethical and environmental impact of each item in the supply chain. Ameva’s deep environmental commitment is exemplified by the carbon negative biosynthesis of the Mevalonic Acid. This patented process uses upcycled cellulose from wood/cropresidue as the basic raw material. Ameva’s current offerings include a Multi-Potent Serum designed to actively optimize all visible and textural signs of skin health, and a Skin Activating Moisturizer designed to nourish skin’s barrier, adding softness, suppleness and smoothness to restore the even-toned appearance of healthy young skin.

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