Is Biotech the Future of Natural Beauty? Part I

Is Biotech the Future of Natural Beauty? Part I

Published by Ameva Bio on Jun 20th 2022

Multi-potent regenerative skincare is now plant-based and carbon negative

The Nature of Beauty

Legendary beauty products deliver an experience that is much more than skin deep. To merit loyalty, products must deliver results that transform the look and feel of the skin and must deliver sensorial and cultural experiences that makes a user feel good about using them. Purity, luxury, fashion have had their moments, but today’s beauty buyer is actively looking for “natural” products that reflect health-forward, pro-social and pro-environmental values. “Clean,” “green,” “vegan,” and “free-from” speak to the consumer who is as mindful of what isn’t in a formula as what is.

What is biotechnology?

Nature contains an almost endless variety of living things that are programmed at a cellular level to work as tiny factories. For thousands of years, we have selectively taken advantage of bacteria, plants, algae, fungi and used them as nano factories to help us create familiar foods like bread, wine, yogurt, cheese and pickles. It is the DNA coding in these organisms that instructs them to generate specific molecule components which we desire. Today’s advanced biotechnology is a marriage of Nature and engineering that enables us to change DNA codes and guide cells to produce whatever molecule we may require. By reproducing these modified cells on a massive scale, dedicated nano-factories create a custom fermentation process that biosynthesizes chemical compounds in a cost-effective, low or no carbon emission, cruelty-free way.

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